PBR and its initiatives represent one East Bay bike educator and social enterprise entreprenuer's ongoing efforts to interface, interact, network, and build programming with the community and in the marketplace.

"Our Philosophy & Teaching Style..."

At Peoples' Bike we love bicycles and the personal and beautiful ways they can serve people. In the midst of our workaday(bike-to-work) urban megaculture, we gain alot in the way of self-reliance, self-confidence, and environmental & financial sensibility when we learn bicycle mechanics.
This is why we offer our Beginner and Intermediate Bicycle Mechanics trainings, workshops in wheel building and other specialized skills.
Peoples' Bike creates workspaces where you can engage your engineering mind in the way that best suits you; where you learn patience through the inevitable process of trial & error and enjoy surfing your own learning curve. Our style of teaching is about connection, respect, encouragement, and sharing.